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Interesting facts

  • 46mm diameter golden sphere weights 1kg;
  • 1 litre bottle filled with golden sand weights about 16 kg;
  • 1 gram of gold can be produced into 3 an a half kilometre long wire, or into a foil 500 times thinner than human hair;
  • If all of the world’ gold ever mined was shared between world’ population, everyone would receive about 20 grams of gold;
  • Melting 1 gram of the investment gold one can receive up to 1.7 grams of jewellery gold;
  • It is considered that 80% of gold are still contained in the bowels of the Earth.

Purity measurement units

24 carats — 999 millesimal fineness
14 carats — 585 millesimal fineness

Absolutely pure or 100% pure gold is impossible to obtain naturally, so the purest gold is labelled 999.9 millesimal fineness or 24 carats. Such gold is called "the investment gold".